Action Cat

Action Cat



I'm redoing the animations that used to be on Action Cat Postcards for use in text messages. I try to add a few a week so if you like them check back every now and again.

A few quick picks below in case you're in a hurry - otherwise navigation is on the top left.

Click the thumbnail to see the actual (large) animation. Save and use the large animation - not the thumbnails - on your phone! They'll resize to fit and look much crisper than a blurry thumbnail.To use - save the animation to your phone like you would any other image, and then send it in a text the same way you would any photo you saved. Please note that you need to save it - copy and paste won't work.

Happy Birthday


Good Luck

a good luck maneki neko

Stress Shedding

mood: stress shedding - cat stress-shedding

Roll On

-cat unrolling toilet paper

Good Night

cat sleeping in a window, stars in the background

Bad Day

Cat that had to go to the vet.

Best Wishes

Cat watching a falling star - best wishes.

Thank You

Cat purring for food..

Belated Birthday

cat cleaning its paw after eating birthday cake - belated birthday

Get Well

cat pawing kleenex out of the box

Happy Spring

cat in window with spring flowers and rain - happy spring

Happy Birthday

cat licking a birthday cake