Action Cat

Action Cat



I started this site in 1997 in honor of my cat Action Cat.

It used to be a postcard site, back in the old days when people communicated via email instead of texts. Now, I'm redoing the animations that used to be on Action Cat Postcards for use in text messages. When I finish that I'll be doing some new ones, so if you like them, check back every now and then.

If you enjoy this site at all, please consider donating a few dollars to a pet shelter or a rescue or anyone who feeds feral cats. They all appreciate even the smallest donation.

A few quick picks below in case you're in a hurry - otherwise navigation is on the top left.

Click the thumbnail to see the actual (large) animation. If you're on a smartphone, add this site to your home screen and then you should be able to just select an animation and add it to a text message via your phone's handy "add image" function. Be sure to use the large animation - not the thumbnails -it'll resize to fit and look much crisper than a blurry thumbnail.

Happy Birthday


Good Morning

good morning - cats on bed

Stress Shedding

mood: stress shedding - cat stress-shedding

Roll On

-cat unrolling toilet paper

Good Night

cat sleeping in a window, stars in the background

Bad Day

Cat that had to go to the vet.

Best Wishes

Cat watching a falling star - best wishes.

Thank You

Cat purring for food..

Belated Birthday

cat cleaning its paw after eating birthday cake - belated birthday

Get Well

cat pawing kleenex out of the box

Good Luck

a good luck maneki neko


cat licking itself after breaking a vase