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Data's cat on Star Trek: Next Generation

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Data's cat Spot signaling for help.

Spot is bored

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The following people have loaned "Spot" to me:

Memorial ~ Teddy, a.k.a Spot

Teddy, the orange cat who generously plays "Spot" on several of the Spot of Star Trek postcards, has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. Teddy's mom writes:

Teddy passed away on January 15, 2001. He was 16 years old and had numerous health problems, and in some ways he was a bit of a crochety old codger his last few years. But he was always the sweetest and most loving cat, with the loudest purr. He loved to sit on my lap, and he took good care of his younger sister, Hobbes, and would lick her and snuggle her. He was a connoisseur of comfort, and even after he lost his eyesight, he could always find the most comfortable, softest places to sleep. A few years ago, my son said that Teddy was "the nicest and the orangest," and that really sums it up. Thank you for reading about him. ~ Atara

Note: if you'd like to send condolences to Atara, her email address is

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